Embracing Differences, Fostering Community, Illuminating Hearts

Get involved!

 Illuminated Hearts (I.H.)  aims to shine a light on the organisations that offer support, of various types, to people across religious and  cultural boundaries as well as the people behind the labels that society places on them, in the hope that people will feel connected to each other, understand  each other and support each other.

To this end we are asking you contact us if you know of an organisation that you feel should be highlighted/ mention us to that organisation so they can get in touch and/or contribute a ‘pen picture’ of yourself  that shows who you are, as opposed to who society wants to think you are.

If you are involved in/run a charity or organisation that helps/supports the community as a whole or people within the community what does your organisation do? what are its aims? how can people find you? who do you aim to server/help? is there anything people can do to help? how do people get in touch with you?

if you are Homosexual/Bi/Trans/Heterosexual have you always been? if not what promoted the change? what hassle/prejudice have you had and how have you handled it? what do you wish people would see when they look at you rather than the label society gives you?

If you have a belief– is this the same one in which you were raised? if not, what prompted the change? what is it about your belief that is core to you? what do you wish people could see about your belief/faith that they don’t seem to be getting at the moment? have you encountered any prejudice/hassle because of your belief? if so how have you handled it?

If you are Atheist/Agnostic/Humanist– have you always been? if not what prompted the change? why would you say you are an Atheist/Agnostic/Humanist…? do you get any hassle/prejudice for  not having a religious belief? how do you handle this|?

if you belong to a particular culture/subculture(Asian/Polish/Northern/Goth/Biker/Scottish/Welsh/ Kink/Alternative/Immigrant/Disabled/overweight…the list goes on…) what culture is it that you belong to? is it one that you have been raised in or one you chose to join? if the latter , what prompted the change? have you/do you get any hassle/prejudice for belonging to this group? how do handle this?  what do you wish people would see when they look at you rather than the typical stereotype society holds?


your help would be appreciated in promoting tolerance and understanding amongst different groups/peoples- please consider sharing this message with others within your contacts so that the ripple can spread outwards.

***Please contact Karyl with any questions or contributions***

Thank you.

Rev Karyl Cross