Embracing Differences, Fostering Community, Illuminating Hearts

About Us

Illuminated Hearts is a charity which aims to  foster Community by promoting  Cultural and Religious  Harmony and Tolerance in particular but not exclusively by:
1) Raising Awareness of different issues that affect communities across faith and cultural boundaries.
2) Providing Information about organisations that may prove useful to people, across a variety of issues
3) Encouraging Dialogue between individuals and communities, in the hope that this fosters understanding, tolerance,  peace and community spirit.
We aim to do this by providing information on various organisations,that provide support or other services to people across communities, including backgrounds, purposes, services offered and contact details; as well as  looking at the people behind the labels; by having ‘pen pictures’ – devised by the individuals involved– of the people who follow certain paths/ hold certain views/ belong to certain communities.
Our hope is that by this people in need will receive support,  better understand their neighbour (whoever they may be), feel connected to each other and  community spirit will grow  accordingly.
If you know of any organisation that you feel should be highlighted please get in touch.
Please   also consider allowing yourself to be interviewed- either in person or by email/letter- and your story appearing as an example of the wonderful diversity we enjoy and should embrace.
All ‘pen pictures’ are anonymous- you can choose a pseudonym to appear on your contribution or IH will allocate one-this way your confidentiality is assured.’
*** the public face of I H is Rev Karyl Cross- she helped set up the charity and is the contact point for any questions etc***
1) The views expressed by the individuals or organisations featured here do not reflect the views of Illuminated Hearts or its trustees, members,etc, and no endorsement should be assumed.
2) The right is reserved to refuse to post a contribution by an individual or organisation.
3) Any  contributions will not be altered in anyway (proof read/edited) unless there is potential for misunderstanding…then the I.H. staff will liaise with the individual/organisation involved to to try resolve this.